Just Breath!

So quickly you were taken, Oh! how time is moving by

as I think of all the questions, why, why, why?

3 hours feels like 3 years to me

as I sit and remember all the things not meant to be.

This heart of mine torn apart, I’ll never understand,

It’s not your time, it just can’t be so, please don’t leave, please don’t go.

Don’t leave me here and all alone, with this grief like a weight of lead,

Don’t anyone speak, don’t anyone breath “the” word, I don’t want said.

You’ll never understand my grief, so deep, so deep for even me,

My whole being has been shredded and now with pieces back together.

They’re all in different places, none of them make sense,

This is how I feel, my whole body stiff & tense.

Can someone make the clock turn back, I’ll do anything you say,

Just give me some more precious time, to undo the events of that day.

The faithful day you were taken, left my life without a word,

Left me here alone and grieving, with nothing left but hurt.

And now all I have are memories, and all just make me cry,

They used to be such nice ones, and now all seem sad and finish with a sigh!

The time moves by, as it slowly ticks along,

Oh No! it  just can’t be ….that used to be our song.

Here comes another flood of tears, there’s just no holding back,

My Heart, my Soul, my Being all feeling under attack.

A new day has just dawned, I live it breath by breath,

I feel just like a stranger that I have suddenly just met.

Each moment is a lifetime, the moments too far apart,

A new day with the words “Just Breath” coming from my heart ……..

© Written from the Heart – Michele Graham

3 April 2011 - for a friend who lost her beloved husband suddenly.

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