Meet Michele, creator of The Inspiration Gallery!

I was born in Dublin, Ireland and from a young age, I was intrigued by the spiritual aspects of life. I intuitively called on Angels whenever I felt the need, astral travelled before I even knew what that was, and wrote poems in a little notebook. These writings would resurface later in my life and play a big part in my journey going forward. 

After living in London, spending time in Crete, and making deep friendships in Portugal, at the age of 29, I moved to Perth, Western Australia. While working in the corporate world of mining, including FIFO roles, my journey into learning more about alternative healing modalities gained momentum and through the amazing people I met, courses and life experiences, my awareness grew. I completed workshops and training in Heal your Life based on the writings of Louise Hay, The Journey Practitioner’s course with Brandon Bays, Reiki, Crystal healing, Australian Bush Flower Essences and Liquid Crystals

Be Inspired by the Words you Wear

In 2005, I found myself writing poems and messages for myself and others. The writings came easily and often for a specific reason, feeling or emotion. I penned 3 decks of inspirational cards, which were to sit in a notebook for the next 15 years … waiting! One day, a friend showed me some bracelets with words on them, I felt automatically drawn to them and so The Inspiration Gallery and my Mantra “Be Inspired by the Words you Wear” was created. Soon, I found myself buying and selling a variety of gifts, inspirational cards and candles, all with inspirational words and an additional Mantra was formed “Be Inspired by the Words that Surround You”.

Be Inspired by the Words that Surround You

The Inspirational Gallery is continually evolving, with my focus to encourage people to see the positives in their lives and keep their energy lifted with a higher vibration. My goal is to share the powerful lessons and tools I have learnt and used along my journey. Surrounding ourselves with wonderful affirmations, inspiring words and enlightening pictures is a simplistic way to keep positive in all aspects of our lives.


The Inspiration Gallery encourages people to be inspired by the words and sayings that surround them.

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