You came to me this morning and as the day was dawning,

The wondrous sights to see, the feeling on this earth of being me.

No-one can ever really understand, the feelings deep inside,

I speak the words, I do explain, my whole being I open wide.

To leave myself so open, to try let others understand,

I do my best to help them and take them by the hand.

To feel the things that I do, to understand the life,

To keep myself upon the earth, a friend, a mother and a wife.

My heart is bursting open, don’t you get it? Can’t you see?

That all of this is available, not only just to me.

So take one step, along the path, as I ask you now to come,

Take the first step of what I now know,

along the path that leads to Freedom!

© Written from the Heart – Michele Graham

5 April 2011 - for a dear friend Darlene

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