City Lights

Standing looking over the city lights, what an awesome sight to hold

Deep in our memories and our hearts, the feelings and emotions, many left untold.

The lights all glisten and shine so bright,

The amazing feelings when you see this sight

The city where we grew and had our childhood dreams

The city that we left, and only visit in between.

But these visits are so special and get better every year,

To see our beautiful city, twinkling shining,

with the memories vivid and clear.

So as we stand and look way out and breath the vision in

We capture new feelings, new loves, new memories will begin.

The emotion you feel when you look to the town

The town where you grew and loved

All special moments in this view and all sent from up above.

So feel the moment in this time and take away the pleasure

The raw emotion, the depth of love is really hard to measure.

This city that has a life of which you are a part

No matter if you’re near or far, it’s always in the heart.

Buried deep inside for anytime you care to just come back ….

..come back to here to see the view …..

..come back to here to just review …..

The emotional bond between Dublin and You..

© Written from the Heart – Michele Graham

6-Aug-2011 - From Killakee Car Park, overlooking Dublin Lights

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