My Dream

The colours are so vivid, the pictures coming through

my life, my love, my dreams are starting to show on queue.

The energy is flowing, with the abundance not far behind,

such an exciting place to be and so far from my mind.

To quiet the mind, to allow the juices to flow,

the journey begins but then you know …

So step onto your path, with no fear insight,

just reach for the stars, all that follows is sheer delight.

The excitement of knowing, your dreams are unfolding as the picture starts to clear,

 the path is set in front of you with your goals and aspirations near.

So deep breath and take a step, into the next unknown,

Into the deep dark space between, where all the seeds are sown.

The seeds of all your life, are what the dreams unfold

So clearly and for what you wish and then the story’s told.

© Written from the Heart – Michele Graham


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