My New Friend

You came into my life as others did part,

laughing and smiling to lift up my heart.

You held me quietly within your mind,

to keep me uplifted until I could find,

my own way of smiling, at being at peace,

to move through these troubles and sadness to cease.

To stop as it showed up, keeping my world at bay,

no pushing or shoving let me find my own way.

You were always there in my hour of need,

always there with a smile and planting the seed.

The seed that took shoot and slowly it grew,

to allow my smile and my heart to shine through.

You gave me the strength when I had nothing inside,

and for this I say thank you and share with great pride.

You are truly a great friend who came in on cue,

and here in my life you have stayed with a few.

A few of my closest and very Dear friends,

a circle of love, a bond with no end.

© Written from the Heart – Michele Graham

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