Peace and serenity is all around,

the silence felt just can't be found.

It takes time and space and a quiet mind,

to reach the inner peace we want to find.

And when this place is reached inside,

the peace expands and hearts open wide.

To stay in this place is just pure bliss,

allow healing to take place that you just can't miss.

Stay focused and grounded in this beautiful Peace,

letting go of everything what a wonderful release.

So keeping your mind and body still,

allows the Peace to flow at will.

To enrich your body and mind as one,

just rest in Peace’s presence and let everything succumb.

To whatever is rising and whatever is in store,

just welcome all as it rises and even ask for more.

And as you sit in silence, in the very core of Peace

let the chatting in your mind be stopped and all distractions cease.

And as you take this precious time to hold so still in Peace,

Allow the greatest gifts and lessons to come flooding in release.

© Written from the Heart – Michele Graham


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