Be Inspired Oracle Cards


Michele's spirituality and Sue's artistry converge in the "Be Inspired Oracle Cards: 45 Guidance Cards for Everyday Inspiration!"

From enlightening pictures to inspiring words, every card is an invitation to elevate your spirit. Embrace this invitation today.


Be Inspired Oracle Cards by Michele Graham and Sue Findlay

Michele was born in Dublin, Ireland and emigrated to Perth, Western Australia in 1994. From a young age, Michele was Intrigued by the spiritual aspects of life. While working in the corporate world her journey into learning about alternative healing modalities gained momentum and through the amazing people she met, courses and life experiences, her awareness grew. The Inspirational Gallery was created to encourage people to be inspired by the words around and keep their energy lifted with a higher vibration. Michele believes that by surrounding ourselves with wonderful affirmations, inspiring words and enlightening pictures is a simplistic way to keep positive in all aspects of our lives.

Sue was born in the UK and emigrated to Perth, Western Australia in 2006. Art has been Sue's whole life and she has been creating art in one form or another. With her art Sue brings new and interesting ideas to spark creativity. Sue is accomplished in the art of resin and creates tutorials to share, has written a book and created her own stationery. Art has been Sue's passion her entire life and her works are found in many households across the world. She loves to push the boundaries of resin and mixed media to bring new and interesting ways to inspire creativity. She believes with a little bit of encouragement and help you can take vour art to another level. You just have to believe that you can!"

The Inspiration Gallery encourages people to be inspired by the words and sayings that surround them.

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