All the things that made me smile,

All the things that made it worthwhile,

Your contagious laugh, when you crack yourself up,

2 sugars for you as you stir your cup.

All the amazing projects as you turn your hand,

To so many brilliant things, I didn’t understand.

You can fix, and paint and grow

So many things most people don’t know.

Your talents are many with so much success in between

And out in the garden your thumb is so green.

To be around you always made me look in awe, at so many things you do

So perfect and fulfilling, making so many things look new.

Your skill at picking colours, choosing and matching with such ease,

The end result always brilliant, with everyone so pleased.

Even in your work as you look and plan and measure

The guarantee an outcome that the customer will treasure.

The list of skills goes on and on

Your determination and focus always strong.

You give everything your full attention

Though one beautiful trait that does deserve a mention

Your ability to make people laugh, you really are so funny

To telling jokes and stories and always on the money.

Though, my favourite thing you do, is when you sit and strum a song,

So calming and so soothing, I find I hum or sing along.

You have so many skills inside

These skills are the essence of who you are  ……

So use them all with Pride

© Written from the Heart – Michele Graham


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